ICSP Pogo Pin Adapter Kit

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ICSP Pogo Pin Adapter Kit

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NOTE: This product has been discontinued and is for educational purposes only! If you would like to build your own, please see the documentation on Github.

This pogo pin adapter is the perfect addition to the PCB designer who loves to design Arduino-compatible boards! Simply plugging it into an Arduino ICSP header allows you to program a wide variety of Atmel microcontrollers (ATtiny, ATmega, etc.) that are programmed via SPI. All you need to do is include six (6) test point pads on the PCB, oriented in the standard ICSP configuration, to allow you to program it with the pogo pins!

Items Included

  • 1x Base PCB

  • 1x Alignment PCB

  • 6x Spearhead pogo pins

  • 4x M2.5 button head screws, 5mm long

  • 2x Threaded Nylon Hex Standoffs, 8mm tall

  • 1x Female header block (2x3)

  • 1x3 Male header

  • 1x 10uF electrolytic capacitor

View full documentation and step-by-step wiki here!

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