We strive to offer comprehensive services for creating prototypes the way you want it, whether large or small, rough or polished. Combining mechanical, electrical and software aspects enables us to design and create a wide variety of prototypes to best suit your needs.

general Electronics

We are very familiar with a variety of Arduino-based platforms, off-the-shelf components and modules for proof-of-concept prototypes, and can source the best parts for your particular application, whether it be compact size, low cost, low power, or wireless connectivity. For quick prototypes we can select from a wide range of off-the-shelf components, design custom 3D printed enclosures, and code them for full functionality! We can later refine these prototypes into production-ready PCB's if needed later in the development process.

For more dedicated products we can design, route, assemble, code, and test custom printed circuit boards (PCB's) with full component sourcing along with comprehensive documentation including schematics and Bill of Materials (BOM). Projects can also be scaled and outsourced to assemblers for PCB manufacturing and assembly but smaller quantities are typically done in-house and preference is give to surface-mounted components to minimize size and cost.

circuit board design

Connect your project wirelessly with a custom Android app! For projects that require interfacing the prototype with a mobile device, we can create functional Android apps. We can make apps to pull real-time data from the web to monitor your IoT project, control your gizmo with the press of a button, or change system settings remotely.

custom apps

3D Modeling

We design working 3D models of your idea or prototype while receiving your feedback throughout the project. We can also validate your models based on specifications such as mechanical properties, color, surface finish, size, weight, and later manufacturability and give you comments on what might need to be improved to enhance functionality or allow prototypes to be 3D printed. We also can furnish 2D drawings, simple renderings, and patent drawings depending on the application.

3d printing

We design the 3D models to be made from a wide selection of 3D printers in plastic or metal so you can see your idea in real life! We know what works and what doesn't and we adhere to design guidelines based on functional specifications you give us and the materials we decide to use. By partnering with Sculpteo we can select from a plethora of materials, detail, textures, material properties, and colors to best match your particular application. Below are just a few examples of the types of parts we can design:

  • Strong and flexible parts with intricate detail and a variety of colors and finishes
  • Highly detailed parts with extremely smooth surface finish (comparable to injection molding)
  • Translucent parts with high thermal stability
  • Full metal parts for complex parts with high strength requirements
  • Multi-colored sandstone parts for artistic works

For a more detailed list of materials, please visit Sculpteo's 3D printing materials page here.

If you are interested in printing your own designs or wish to have us design or modify something for you, feel free to do so!

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laser cutting

Perhaps you want to laser engrave a cool fit-together gift, or want to prototype flat metal parts for a product that would otherwise cost more and take longer to produce with 3D printing or CNC machining -- we can design that too! Laser cutting is a very affordable and efficient technique and yields very accurate results for flat pieces with cutouts and engravings, and Sculpteo offers a wide variety of choices, including fiber-based materials, plastics, and metals:

  • Plywood - comes in a variety of wood types
  • MDF - fused fiber composite that is dense and inexpensive
  • Acrylic - transparent plastic with great weatherability
  • Cardboard - many selections, great for inexpensive prototyping
  • POM - automotive and industrial thermoplastic
  • Aluminum - lightweight, strong, and looks nice!
  • Steel - great where mechanical strength is a must
  • Stainless Steel - doesn't rust and is great for outdoor use and aesthetics

For more details, please visit Sulpteo's laser cutting materials page here.