Hologram.io SIM Cards!

Today I chatted with Hologram.io developers Ben Strahan and Chris Gammell and I'm super excited to tell you that for my Indiegogo campaign launching on Feb 1st all units delivered after the campaign will include a free Hologram SIM card and a promo code for $40 of free Hologram store credit exclusively for the campaign! Oh, and the price of the kits will be $89 (USD) instead of the $99 I originally stated!

If you haven't already, check out Hologram's site and developer plan because they have some really cool deals. All my tutorials use their SIM card because it's global, has 1MB free data per month, and super easy to use with a full API documentation and support so I definitely recommend it! 

As a quick update on my progress on producing the shields, I'm working with a contract manufacturer in the US to produce more boards for the Indiegogo campaign pre-orders. Unfortunately there won't be any early-bird units available at the start of the campaign because they're all sold out! That's good news and bad news for some of you waiting for one out there, but I'll attempt to console you by saying that I might even start production before the campaign ends if I see enough demand, so please share to anyone you think might be interested!

Anyway, it's been a great ride and let's make this campaign even more awesome to spread the love of LTE and IoT!  <3