Introducing: Solid-State Sidekick

The Sidekick Relay Module is a high-power solid-state relay module that allows users to control almost any AC appliance simply by plugging in the controlled appliance! Because its low control voltage the Sidekick is the perfect companion for any 3.3V or 5V microcontroller and using it in conjunction with the Reflowduino Basic forms the perfect DIY reflow oven control kit!

Introducing: Reflowduino

Reflowduino is a completely open-source, Arduino-compatible reflow oven controller that allows practically anyone to build their own reflow oven! Learn more about Reflowduino on the official Github page and stay tuned for announcements on an upcoming Indiegogo campaign!

Right Ortho View 1.jpg

Where to buy: the Reflowduino is currently open to pre-orders! Please fill out the contact us form if you're interested in ordering one. Note: Reflowduino is currently "out of stock" on the products page because it is not fully stocked.