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Botletics™ SIM7000 Shield Kit Now Available on Amazon

After some long months of getting everything put together, the Botletics SIM7000 is now available on Amazon! Amazon Prime users can get free 2-day shipping within the USA and international buyers can order the kit from the site from anywhere in the world.

More tutorials and Arduino library improvements are forthcoming!

Botletics™ SIM7000 Shield Ranked Among Top 5 in 2018!

A big shout out to the folks at for listing the Botletics SIM7000 cellular shield as one of the top 5 cellular IoT dev boards and shields of 2018! Check out the article here.

The Arduino shield allows for easy implementation of the latest LTE CAT-M and NB-IoT cellular technology and has integrated GPS, temperature sensor, and USB debugging capabilities. A complementary global Hologram SIM card is also included with each purchase. The shield is going into full production this year to meet the product's growing popularity among the community but is available now for pre-orders, so stay tuned for more details!

Announcing SIM7500 Shield for Arduino!

Hey everyone, I'm pleased to reveal my latest project, the SIM7500 LTE CAT-1 cellular shield for Arduino! It's great for giving a project phone capabilities including voice calls, SMS, LTE data, and GPS tracking! It also comes with a temperature sensor for debugging and other useful applications and is a useful alternative to the SIM7000 LTE CAT-M/NB-IoT shield in cases where only traditional LTE is available. The module also has 3G fallback (and 2.5G/2G depending on the version) so it should work pretty much anywhere!

I'm currently in the process of testing and fully documenting the shield and you can find the latest documentation on Github

When everything's tested I'll have it for sale here on my website.

Looking forward to more awesome projects this year!

~ Tim

SIM7000 Shield Live on Indiegogo!

What's up guys!

It's midnight here and I just launched the Indiegogo campaign for my shield. Check it out here and be sure to share the link on social media because every view counts for me! Contributions are also greatly appreciated and will help me continue my efforts. I plan on fulfilling all orders regardless of how much I raise and I have everything ready to go with a contract manufacturer in the US.

Anyway, thanks for your support and I hope this will positively benefit the community!